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other shrines

My Tattoo!
probably one of my most expensive EEnE purchases!
Done by Hello Moon Creative
Edd Cel
100% the most expensive part of my collection! gifted to me by my parents for my 21st birthday, background is a reproduction copy but cel is genuine!
Foam Table Tennis Bat
One of my many weird items I haven't seen many talk about! This was a free gift in the CN UK Magazine in the 00s!
Season 1 DVD
I believe in the UK we didn't get many DVDs of full seasons so im lucky to have this one!
Foam Water Ball
Came in the same Magazine as my bat! Not sure its purpose but it was the 00s haha
Truck A Toon Membership Card
One of my FAVOURITE items I own! Exclusive to the UK (as far as im aware) truck a toon was a kids lotto which if your membership card number was drawn you'd win a truck full of toys! I never won but I was lucky enough to get an EEnE card and even has my name on the back from 04 info here!!
Bus Pass Holder
A bus pass holder I recently got! I used it as a card wallet for a while but I keep it at home now
PS2 Mis-Edvetures
As a gamer and an Ed Edd n Eddy fan growing up me and my mam got this! its such a good game but so hard! i hope to one day finish it (id always get stuck on the last level)

Orange Angel Wing Heart