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ed edd n eddy is my fav cartoon of all time! thanks to it i went to uni to study comics so i can make my own cartoons :)

my eene collection

the early days
i was born June 2000 n ed edd n eddy piloted in january 1999...
my mam has always been a huge cartoon fan and was obessed with cartoon network during this time. because of this she fell in love with ed edd n eddy! so when i was born she got me into it too :)

why i love it
i often wondered i was jaded with nostaliga with my love for eene but after going back to it i found i loved it even more as an adult due to its crude style yet very beautiful colours and traditional medium

ive done many studies on art over the years, since 2016 i became infactuated with Danny Antonuccis art style and overall attitude. because of this i fell in love with traditional medium and cel animation. orginally i went to uni to do animation but that dream was destroyed due to the tutors finding cel animation outdated :/

the boys of summer
i later went on to study comics, mainly due to the amount of creativity liberty i was able to have. i couldnt believe it since id been waiting for 3 years to do what i want in education and even be taught by Julian Lawrence. a storyboard artist for the show on season 3 and 4.
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