Initial D

Written and Drawn by: Shuichi Shigeno

Genre: Sports
Age Rating: Older Teen
Manga: 1995 - 2013
Anime: 1998 - 2016

In no particular order

Youtube Playlist!

Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (Takumi)

Mazda SAVANNA RX-7 (FC3S) (Ryosuke)

Mazda efini RX-7 Type R (FD3S) (Keisuke)

Nissan 180SX Type II (Kenji)

Nissan Silvia S13 (Iketani)

Mazda Eunos Roadster (Toru)

Honda NSX (Go)

Takumi Fujiwara


Rage Your Dream - M.O.V.E

Initial D and what it means to me

I got into Initial D in 2017 due to my love to the song Running In The 90s!

Favourite Season: First Stage
Least Favourite Season: Fourth Stage
Favourite Side Season: Extra Stage 1

Orange Angel Wing Heart