Ed Edd n Eddy


Created By: Danny Antoucci

Genre: Comedy/Slapstick
Age Rating: All Ages
Series: 1999 - 2009

Double D
Jonny 2x4

Double D x Marie

S1e1a: ed-touchables
S1e2a: pop goes the ed
S1e3b: virt-ed-go
S1e5a: read all about ed
S1e5b: quick shot ed
S1e8a: fool on the ed
S1e9b: laugh ed laugh
S1e12a: eds-aggerate

S2e8: stop. Look and ed
S2e10a: rent-a-ed
S2e12a: hot buttered ed

S3e1b: momma little ed
S3e2a: once upon an ed
S3e2b: for your ed only
S3e6a: x marks the ed
S3e8b: my fair ed
S3e10a: the luck of the ed

S4e3a: one size fits ed
S4e4b: one of those eds
S4e8a: thick as an ed
S4e9b: sorry wrong ed
S4e10b: hand me down ed
S4e13: take this ed and shove it


Ed Edd n Eddy is the reason I went to art school! My Mam watched Ed-Touchables when it first came out in January 1999 before I was born and then when she was pregnant with me she was watching it! So naturally I was obsessed with it since I was a kid!

We used to watch it together when I was a kid and it always stuck out to me since it looked so unique and it was so funny! After I hit my teen years I became obsessed with anime and drawing stuff in that style but tbh, I wasn't good at it. Only after my Mam mentioned drawing Edd I realised my true art love was cartooning

Favourite Season: Season 1 and 4
Least Favourite Season: ?


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