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- i swear the god of neocites! awesome links and other info

- Lovelyd: Great for those wanting an oldweb site and not sure where to start! has fantastic templates which are easy to edit (perfect for those who suck at css but understand html *cough cough me*)

- Glitter-Graphics: A STAPLE in old web graphics! Icons, gifs, dividers ect

- Textspace: perfect for making simple blinkies! they also have glitter text and kawaii blinkies like hello kitty and cinamonroll!

- Blinkie.Suppi: Limited to blinkies and pixel text

- So-You: Looks like its been up since 2002! Same as above

- Classic Doll Maker Site

- cyber.dabamos: a HUGE collection of 88x31 graphics

- another HUGE collection of old web graphics

- atom.smasher: fake windows 98/XP error boxes maker

- shishka: awesome NOW! Buttons (88x31) layout is lovely too!

Virtual Pets n other fun things!
- gifypet: cute custom virtual pets!

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