boi am i sleepy! im so achey from being at uni (i have fun back issues :P) uni has started n im really hitting the ground running my godd. i feel happy with the work so far but ive got another module to be introduced to to tomorrowww.
i also found whilst doing some work a photo of me when i got my demonias and my god i know this sounds vain but id LOVE to make a scene section of my site with pics of me bc i LOOK SO COOL IM x_x sorry if that sounds so much like a twat :P
anyway emo sleepyyy
oh bloody dear. just after i posted my diary entry last night my uni timetable fucking changed from today to thursday???? bruh i was going to sealife that day with kasiq grr. i got that sorted now thank god since i would of cried if i couldnt go see the fishes/lose 50 quid.
on a bright note i got a new ddr mat yesterday and i was on it for ages yesterday, im tryin to get back in shape with it since i love ddr music n the aesthetic sm (so much so i have a shrine on it!!) aw well, least i have a day off today n i can do other shit :P

Welcome to my diary!! i finally decided after SO long of going between deadjournal, livejournal tumblr ect to just say fuck it and make my own diary on my site :P it really wasnt as hard as i thought it would be. i guess now its just the ever dreaded thing of remembering to write n what to write yknow? idk im bad a things like this even tho i always love reading and looking at other peoples diarys. anyway ive been pretty into working on the site lately and i often wonder why? like yknow who gives a fuck about a little website on neocities which is just what i like atm. its wild to me and i often get het up about it as well as other weird things like this. especially my art n other site i run. who knows if ill ever not be like this.
i start uni tomorrow n thats pretty scary innit? going back n doing a masters is fucking terrifyin man. again the feelings of is this worth it n am I worth it or is my art good enough runs thru my head but i guess we're here now. its been paid for and dont we know it. fingers crossed it goes well :3

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